What Terrible “Kid Food” Advice Does This Mom Regret Taking?

Risa Green’s young daughter was spitting out everything except for fruit, so she took the advice of a “guru” who suggested that she feed her daughter ‘kid foods’ like grilled cheese and chicken tenders.

Here’s what happened when a mom decided to stop feeding her young daughter vegetables, little pieces of roasted turkey, grilled chicken, and sautéed tofu – foods she knew to be healthier…

One week, the topic was eating, and in the
discussion time, I expressed my frustration with my daughter’s unwillingness to
eat anything but fruit and cereal. The
guru said that the problem was that I was giving her foods that she wouldn’t
like. She told us that if we wanted them
to eat, we should give our kids “kid food” – grilled cheese and chicken tenders
and hamburgers and hot dogs (cut up, of course). She said that there was a reason most kids
ate those foods, and that they’d eat other things as they got older.
I remember feeling both surprised and distinctly relieved
when she said that. Surprised to hear an
expert say that it was okay to give kids unhealthy foods, but relieved because I
felt like I’d just been given permission to stop trying to feed my daughter
food she clearly didn’t like.
That afternoon,
against my better judgment, I went out and bought chicken tenders and cut them
up into little pieces. My daughter
gobbled them up like they were candy. Look
at that, I thought. The guru was
In the months that followed, my
daughter ate a steady diet of grilled cheese and turkey sandwiches, chicken
tenders, hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries and plain pasta. And while the baby class ended when she was
eighteen months old, the diet continued on.
I kept waiting for her to get “older” and want to eat other things, as
promised. But that day never came. I introduced new, healthy foods all the time
– roasted broccoli, sautéed spinach, chicken stir fry, veggie risotto – but it
was too late. The damage had been


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