Want to BOOST Your Child’s Brain Health & Focus? Here Are 5 Tips to Follow…

We want our children to be at their very best. Well, nutrition plays a big part of that because children derive vitamins, minerals, and other brain-boosting nutrients from the foods they eat.

We as parents have a lot of influence on their food selections. So it’s important that we make good decisions regarding our child’s dietary choices.

Here are 5 tips:

1. Choose the Right Carbs
Slow-release carbs such as whole grains, beans and vegetables provide a steady supply of glucose to the brain — they are literally brain fuel! The fibre slows down the release of sugar so your child can focus throughout the day.
Whole grains are also a great choice because they’re rich in B vitamins which are needed for brain tissue growth and to create neurotransmitters, the messengers of the brain. Research shows that balanced blood sugar levels help kids concentrate betterand perform well in school.
Compare this to the impact of fast-release carbs like pop, candy, cookies and other sources of added sugar on your child’s brain. The sugar will lead to a spike and drop in blood sugar, potentially causing hyperactivity and interrupting focus.
Kid-friendly options:

Get kids used to whole grains early on so they’re used to them and enjoy them.


  • Whole grain crackers and mini pitas instead of bread for a fun kid-sized take on sandwiches
  • Serve whole grain cereal, pasta or rice mixed with their favourites to get them used to the taste
  • Chop up fruit and vegetables into fun shapes and serve with dips for hands-on snacks

2. Snack Smart

Smart snacks help growing kids get enough energy and provide a constant supply of fuel to the brain. This helps kids stay focused and improves memory so they can get the most out of their learning.
Combine slow-release carbs with protein and healthy fats for the ultimate brain food. For an added brain-boost, add brightly coloured vegetables and fruits to every meal and snack for antioxidants that keep brain cells healthy. Kids need snacks in the morning and after school to help them power through recess, homework and after-school activities.
Kid-Friendly Options:


  • Whole grain crackers with cheese and grapes
  • Bean dip with whole grain bread sticks and veggie spears
  • Apples with nut or seed butter (choose seed butter such as sunflower seed or pumpkin seed butter to bring to school)
  • Mini pizzas on mini whole grain pitas with cheese, tomato sauce and diced peppers
  • Yogurt with fruit and whole grain cereal

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Original Image Source: Bruce Tuten