Too Much Screen Time for Your Kids? Here’s What You Need to Know.

TVs, handheld gadgets and devices are all wonderful things. But, as life has taught us, too much of a good thing can end up being not so good in the long run.

Did you know that March 4, 2016, was designated as The National Day of Unplugging? It began on sundown of the 4th and lasted 24 hours through sundown the following day.

You think you could unplug and step away from any device with a screen for 24 hours? (Using a phone is okay, just as long as you aren’t playing on it.)

While you consider the thought of going “screen-less” for a day, take a look at this informative article. It discusses the amount of screen time that is suitable for young people with developing minds:

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently updated its guidelines on kids and screen time.
Kids and Screentime infographic_V03 (2)

Screen Time Guidelines

Scott Oelberg, D.O., UnityPoint Health pediatrician, agrees with the AAP’s recommendations for screen time. “I don’t think of screen time as all bad or good, because there are many different activities children are doing,” said Dr. Oelberg. “Some of which are educational and enriching, others can be a waste of time.” Dr. Oelberg agrees it’s a good idea to keep children under 2-years-old away from screens. While that can seem impossible, he says it’s a good rule to strive to live by. “Often, screens are used to pacify children without enriching content. It is often the result of giving in to behaviors such as whining, crying, etc.,” Dr. Oelberg said.

Learning and Development

Another good reason to push the off button, the AAP says it’s important to remember that we learn from each other. Neuroscience research shows that very young children learn best via two-way communication.

Get the rest from the original source article over on Unity Point Health.

Original Image Source: Rafiq Sarlie