These ‘Infertility’ Photos Provide a Humorous Twist on Pregnancy Announcements.

Giving birth is a blessing. Sadly, the ability to bring life into the world eludes some people despite their greatest hopes and most steadfast intentions.

One in eight couples have trouble getting pregnant or carrying a pregnancy to live birth, according to the National Survey of Family Growth and the CDC. That’s a significant number of people who struggle with infertility.

And when discussing infertility, let’s not forget to consider all the medical therapy and IV treatments, not to mention the emotional pain and self-doubt that comes with it.

Whitney & Spencer Blake struggled with infertility for three years. They eventually decided to go with adoption as a means of growing their family.

“We both pretty quickly felt a lot of peace with the decision to finally draw a curtain on fertility treatments and focus our attention on growing our family through adoption,” the pair told BuzzFeed News via email.

In 2012, they adopted their first son, and adopted another boy in 2014.

“Those boys are our greatest adventure,” the pair wrote.

The couple decided to share their experiences with open adoption. And, one day, when the topic of conversation turned to all the pregnancy announcements they kept seeing across social media, they hatched an idea to come up with ‘infertility announcement photos’ of their own.

I’m glad they can have a sense of humor about it all. If you can’t cry, you might as well laugh!

They said they had plenty of inspiration from all the creative pregnancy announcements people post online.



Their “announcements” are pretty on point.



Go over to Buzzfeed to read the article and see the rest of Whitney & Spencer Blake’s pregnancy photos. You can also see a family photo of them with their two darling boys!