Step-parenting: Make It Work By Using These 5 Steps.

Being a parent is challenging at times. Being a stepparent and becoming a member of a stepfamily brings with it its own set of challenges that might make it more difficult.

All of sudden there’s a mixture of new faces each with their own personalities, working together as one blended family to make it through this thing called life.

Still, in the face of these new challenges, everyone can come together and make it all work. Here are 5 steps:

Ask God

First, they must ask God for wisdom to discern the needs of their children.  The remarried couple is delighted to put their former marriages behind them and is hopeful about the future. Children of divorce are not in the same place. Often their feelings of rejection intensify when strangers enter the family. Remarried adults must constantly ask, “What are the needs of the children?”

Not A Replacement

Second, blended families should not pretend to be a replacement family for children.  The reality is that children lose a parent and parents gain a new partner. You must continually talk about this fact.  Encourage emotional expression. Reassure the children that no matter what they feel, you can handle it and will deal with it.

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