Soon-to-be Dad Goes ALL IN On Pregnancy!

Those pregnancy months can be really rough. The nausea… the increased urination… the fatigue… the food cravings… you know the drill.

But it certainly helps when ‘dad’ is ready to step up and lend support. (It sure is nice having someone there to make those late night food runs, or handle all the odds and ends around the house when you can’t move so well on cramped legs and swollen ankles!) 

So, here’s to all the supportive dads and soon-to-be dads out there! This is what one of them had to say…

Look, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend pregnancy isn’t insane, and that women aren’t amazing for enduring it. I can’t.
My wife just had our second kid, and it was a grueling nine months, full of nausea and sciatica and fatigue and aches and pains. Through it all I did whatever I could to let her know how much I appreciated and was aware of what she was going through, and helped any way I could. I gave my wife massages, let her sleep in, ran out for pickles and ice cream and even took a few weeks off from drinking (in front of her) out of solidarity! I like to think I’m a decent husband, and a decent father, and an enlightened and evolved 21st century man.
But, based on his viral Facebook post, I’ve got nothing on Josh Streeter, World’s Most Sensitive Husband!
Josh, a soon-to-be dad, posted to Facebook recently praising the future mother of his child for roughing her way through pregnancy…

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Original Image Source: Adam Selwood