See the Photo that Victoria Beckham Is Getting SLAMMED Over. Do You Think the Criticism is Warranted?

I thought showing affection to loved ones was a good thing.

Heck, in my opinion we need more of that, not less. But apparently, kissing your child on the lips is looked down upon, let some folks tell it.

Victoria Beckham found that out recently. She was roughed up a bit in the court of public opinion after she posted a photo on Instagram, commemorating her daughter Harper’s 5th birthday.

To her, the kiss was an innocent, close-lips sign of love and affection, but others saw it differently.

“Eww sorry, I’m old fashioned, it looks like they’re making out,” was one such comment. Someone else remarked that the tilting of her head gave the kiss an uncomfortable “creepiness”.

Take a look at the photo. What say you? Was she out of line?

beckham kiss
Instagram: victoriabeckham

Original Image Source: MyWallArt