School Teachers in Chicago Go on a One-day Strike!

We send our children to school, hoping they will learn and be safe. After all, that’s what schools are for, right?

I happen to love teachers. I think they do a lot and don’t get the credit they rightly deserve. They have to be teacher, as well as counselor, psychologist, and even part-time caretaker in certain instances.

And while I hate seeing teachers get the short end of the stick when those financially devastating budget cuts come around, what these teachers did definitely put families and communities in a tough spot.

How would you react to what these teachers did in Chicago? 

Picket lines went up outside Chicago schools Friday at 6:30 a.m. in a one-day walkout by the Chicago Teachers Union that will affect nearly 400,000 students.
The students have the option of spending the day in “contingency sites,” locations set up at churches, libraries ands school buildings.
Chicago Teachers Union vice president Jesse Sharkey stood outside a school early Friday as protesters shouted “fight for funding.” the Associated Press reports.
…He says teachers will fight until schools receive money and “we are not taking no for an answer.”

Go over to the USA Today article posted on MSN to read the rest of the story.

Original Image Source: Allen Lew