Out With the Kiss Cam… In With the LION KING CAM!

You’ve heard of the kiss cam at sporting events, right?

Designed to provide levity during a break in the action, a camera scans the crowd before finally focusing attention on one lucky couple who is then projected onto the giant arena Jumbotron. Yikes!

This poor, beleaguered couple is then invited to kiss each other with the rest of the crowd gleefully egging them on.

While you may or may not be a fan of the kiss cam, I think we can all get behind the Lion King Cam! 

What is the Lion King Cam you ask?

Instead of a typical Kiss Cam, fans are encouraged to raise their babies into the air as “Circle Of Life” plays. Is that not genius?
The video above was taken at a recent Denver Nuggets game, but this was not the first time the Lion King Cam has been sprung on delighted fans. The Carolina Hurricanes have their own Lion King Cam:

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