Get Mentally Prepared for Parenting with the Help of These 6 Tips.

Becoming a parent for the first time is an awesome feeling!

Soon, you will have a beautiful baby who will depend on you for every need, and that is a tremendous responsibility. Still, it’s a most rewarding experience, and you will rejoice in knowing you have been graced with the opportunity to watch this child grow and become special in ways unique to them.

Yet, there is no instruction manual for new parents. And while we are certain you will be amazing, just know that you can never be thoroughly prepared for everything parenting will throw at you.

But here are a few things you can do to mentally prepare yourself.

1. Grooming

Do you wake in the morning refreshed and happy, where the two most important questions that go through your mind are: ‘What should I have for breakfast?’ and ‘How should I do my hair today?’ Do you enjoy the feeling of slipping on that crisp white shirt and giving yourself a mental nod of approval as you glance in the mirror on your way out of the house?
It’s probably not news to you, but once the kids arrive, that time will no longer be about you. Between feeding baby, feeding kids, bathing kids, making lunches, ironing uniforms, and yelling at teenagers to get out of bed, the last glance you take in the mirror on your way out will soon be to make sure you’re not covered in peanut butter/vomit/frustration. And most of the time, in those early days, you’ll even forget to do that … and not realise you have baby spew down your shoulder/in your hair until you’re on the way home.

2. Cooking

Do you find yourself leaning on the kitchen bench daydreaming about your new life with your (as yet unborn) child? From the garlic-infused steamed carrot, pumpkin and broccoli mash you imagine yourself cooking for your baby, to the apple, quinoa and cinnamon muffins you’ll one day fill your model child’s lunchbox with?
Well good news! You WILL get to cook the garlic-infused steamed carrot, pumpkin and broccoli mash. Just be prepared for baby to spit the said mash straight back into your face.
And the love-filled quinoa muffins? Expect compliments from your kids such as: “I’d rather eat dirt.” Or perhaps the classic: “I wish you were Scott’s mum. Scott’s mum gives him triple chocolate choc-chip cookies.”

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Original Image Source: Jlhopgood