Find Out What Happens When an Overworked Mom-of-Two Makes a Parody Song About Nonstop Housework.

“He’s tracking in dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt,…” sings mom-of-two Deva Dalporto as she whirs and dances, making her way through a treacherous labyrinth of dirty laundry, swept floors and unclean toilets…

The battle never seems to end. “It’s all I do housework work work work work,… Dalporto continues to sing while trying to maintain her home’s tidiness…

In a new parody posted online by MyLifeSuckers, Dalporto begrudgingly goes about doing all the housework that needs to be done while lamenting how her children fail to clean up the many messes they create!

…and it’s all put to song!

How many parents out there can relate to her?