Children Are Getting Their Hands on THESE Poisonous Items. And it’s Happening More Often Than You Think!

Providing a safe home is an essential part of raising a child. So it’s important that we are made aware of all the dangers that may threaten our child’s safety at home.

Please be vigilant, parents! Their safety can be put in jeopardy when you least see it coming.

Consider this for instance:

Children are increasingly getting their hands on colorful, toxic laundry detergent packets, which can burst when they bite into them, leading to coma, breathing failure or even death.
Researchers have found that from January 2013 to December 2014, more than 22,000 incidents resulted in calls for help after children younger than 6 were exposed to the chemicals of detergent packets – either eating them, touching them, breathing them in or getting them in their eyes. Two children died after ingesting the packets.

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Original Image Source: Milan Nykodym