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See the Photo that Victoria Beckham Is Getting SLAMMED Over. Do You Think the Criticism is Warranted?

See the Photo that Victoria Beckham Is Getting SLAMMED Over. Do You Think the Criticism is Warranted?

I thought showing affection to loved ones was a good thing. Heck, in my opinion we need more of that, not less. But apparently, kissing your child on the lips is looked down upon, let some folks tell it. Victoria Beckham found that out recently. She was roughed up a bit in the court of public

YouTube Wanted to “Celebrate Identity”. But it Turned into a Massive Dislike Fest Instead.

YouTube posted a short, 2-minute video on its Spotlight channel to help people honor their individuality and celebrate their uniqueness. The video featured various members of the LGBTQ community, proudly standing together and declaring their love for their sexual orientation and gender identity. …But the video was flooded by dislikes, and the vile remarks got so

This Mom Was Confused When She Saw Her Daughter Standing on the Toilet. But When She Discovered Why…

Stacey Feeley is a Michigan mom with an adorable 3-year-old daughter. And when she found her daughter standing on the toilet she laughed, attributing her little girl’s fanciful state of mind to a child’s innate creativity and imagination. But when her daughter explained what she was doing, Stacey was shocked. And then she broke down.

This Special Group of Spouses are Being Ignored in the Job Market… and It’s Costing Our Economy $1 Billion a Year.

When you consider the deployment… the many days and nights away from your spouse… all the moving around and the relocation issues that come with it… the isolation from family and friends… YES, military spouses certainly have enough to deal with. Now, take those challenges and place them alongside the many challenges that come with being

Corey Feldman Comes Forward About His Experience with Pedophilia in Hollywood.

Corey Scott Feldman captivated the hearts of moviegoers all throughout the 1980s after starring in cult hits like Gremlins, Goonies, Stand by Me, and The Lost Boys.  But Feldman was holding in a lot of pain caused by a deep dark secret. And that secret tore his world apart. He recently spoke to People, alleging child abuse suffered as a